Our Story

Stickfigure started off about 10 years ago as an events and experiential marketing company. As the name suggests, we wanted to offer simple solutions to complex marketing situations, much like children drawing stickfigures to express themselves. Over a decade, we managed hundreds off activations, large events, exhibitions and marketing campaigns. As the marketing landscape changed, we started working with technology, moving to martech, adding communications, PR and social to our capabilities. We also found ourselves working with more start-ups and SME’s and soon found ourselves deeply involved in some very interesting businesses, heading up marketing, comms and sometimes being a part of the business itself.
With COVID19 bringing about unprecedented change to the world as we know it, we saw a huge gap and jumped in head first. The traditional marketing structures followed by established brands and SMEs often limits agility and flexibility which is essential to survive in today’s ever changing world. The current structure comprises of employees, agencies, freelancers and service providers. Over the last few years larger brands have been trying to bring more capabilities in-house while smaller, lean businesses have struggled to find multiple skillsets within a small team. The long term hiring commitments, headcount restrictions often limit CEOs and marketing heads from committing to new initiatives or continuing them. On the other hand, startups and SME’s often leave marketing and growth in the hands of a busy founder who has to build up a business in a short time and with lesser resources and without the necessary marketing experience.
Our new business unit is The Outsourced Marketing Company – www.outsourcedmarketing.co and we provide businesses of all shapes and sizes the marketing firepower that they need. SME founders can choose to work with a marketing team with brand strategy, digital marketing and comms or opt for a fractional CMO to help guide the business during its early days. A plug, play and pause marketing team where you pay for the resources you need, choose additional resources when required and have the flexibility of cutting back. We work in multidisciplinary hubs where businesses can avail the skills of the full hub or just certain capabilities to complement their in-house resources.
It’s quite like hiring one person to join your team but bringing the capabilities of a full team to support the business. Our teams are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge, technology and agility that you would expect out of a solid, in-house marketing team. We may not be an alternative to a big marketing team supported by a network of agencies but we can definitely roll up our sleeves, jump into the deep end and give a business the push it needs.